From the dusty crates #1: Audioweb

I'm moving house this week, and as such, cleaning out the existing house. Trying to get rid of stuff that I really don't need anymore, rather than carry it to the new place, and then the next place after that, and so on and so on until I become a prime candidate for 'Hoarders'. During this process, I've donated a load of old books to the local library, and made two trips - so far - to Goodwill, giving them a box of movie posters*, lots of old cassette tapes**, and most crucially, loads and loads and loads of old CDs. Most of these were things I got for free during my time as a music writer in London. So, there's a preponderance of British indie bands from 1998-2001 that nobody has thought about for years and years.

Looking through these CDs, I got a bit nostalgic and gave them a play. I thought it'd be interesting to write a bit about some of these bands, who are long forgotten, who I was into as a youngun.

First up: Audioweb

These guys were on U2's label, and even supported the Irish behemoths at Wembley Stadium once upon a time.*** They put out two albums, both of which I have, before calling it a day in 1999. Musically, they were pretty much a standard indie band, with decent riffs, choruses, etc. But their singer Martin brought an extra element, with a soulful voice (bear in mind: other bands around at this time were Space and Shed Seven), and he threw in some "lawdamercy" and skankin' over the songs. In hindsight, I think what appealed to me the most about this band was that they weren't just four identical looking white guys, like just about every band I was listening to at the time. Also, Ian Brown was a big fan, and as we know, that guy's judgment is top notch.

Here are their two "biggest" singles. I must confess: I heard their version of 'Bankrobber' before knowing that it was a cover. Imagine my surprise when I heard the Clash's original, which doesn't have any lyrics about cocaine. Also, 'Policeman Skank' from their second album, which is ace and tells the story of a fight in a courthouse.

Another forgotten indie band tomorrow, probably!

[download Audioweb - Bankrobber]
[download Audioweb - Policeman Skank]

* Including, but not limited to, Stealth, The Barbarian Invasions, War of the Worlds, Hustle and Flow, and Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress.
** Turns out, I did own 'Music Box' by Mariah Carey.
*** The lineup for that gig, amazingly, also featured the Longpigs.


rubenlane said...

So mister, I was reading through my old LJ last night and I found this wonderful quote of yours that I had a good laugh over:

"Thank you for that unsolicited evaluation of my meal."

Justin said...

I can identify with the feeling. I still have dozens of free promos from the FSView. But I suppose you must have listened to your CDs at least once, since you were writing about that. I never really did. Vinyl Fever is profiting from these now, giving me ~$1.50 each for them and selling them for maybe $3-6.

I suppose you also have a stronger moral fiber since you donate them to Goodwill instead of hawking them.

Jim said...

I won't hear a bad word said about The Longpigs. They wereon U2's label too, till the singer pre-empted many by years and called Bono a very rude word indeed. I liked some of Audioweb's stuff, but can imagine it doesn't make for thrilling relistening nowadays.

Forgotten British indie bands are, of course, right up my street. I paid for all the crap though.

Samir said...

Justin: I sold some things through There aren't any indie record stores down here, so I'm short of options. Plus, I enjoyed just giving them away and being done with them.

Jim: Don't get me wrong, I like the Longpigs too. But 12 years later, the idea of them and Audioweb playing Wembley Stadium is insane.

Jim said...

True, but in 12 years we'll all laugh heartily that U2 took Glasvegas on a stadium tour with them too. I hope.

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