Now, THAT'S interesting

As you know, I don't update this site much. Consequently, the site gets - at best - modest hits. I've a decent collection of archived pages, so if I get about fifty visits a day, I'm pretty happy. Of course, if I updated more regularly, that'd go up, but in this era of cars and sunshine and Netflix Instant Queue, who has the time?

So, imagine my surprise when I checked my Statcounter this mornig, for the first time in a while, to see that, since Sunday, I've received over 500 visits to the site. 296 on Sunday alone. "What the what?" I said, not out loud because I'm at the Honda Dealership and that would mark me out as a crazy person, but to myself. I assumed that someone had linked to one of my posts on a more popular blog, and that's what brought in the traffic. But no, that wasn't it - there wasn't one source link that was responsible.

Turns out, lots of people were coming to my site after Googling "Is Gene Hackman Gay?" and one of my old posts - a review of the already forgotten film 'Blades of Glory' - features the word "gay" in its title. But why the sudden interest, since Sunday? After some curious research: apparently there's a reference to the Mighty Gene's sexuality in the pilot for 'The Cleveland Show', and so people wanted verification.

So, that's one good thing to say about that show, then.

Just thought it was interesting how the internet works, sometimes.


Adrian said...

So you're planning on talking about various celebrities and their sexual orientations?
Maybe you could roll it out all serialized like?

Vermont Law (Somewhere Near the Border) said...

So, what does it mean that I found this post after googling "gene hackman gay"?

Jim said...

Your 50 modest hits is a really busy day for Aye Tunes.

Online Printing Company said...

Wow, THAT IS interesting. Who knew that a show can raise the number of visits of your site? Thank God for Gene Hackman, Blades of Glory, and the Cleveland Show, huh? :D

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