Links: this time it's 2008

  • Nice interview with Glen Hansard [the AV Club]
  • Article about people that just don't like the beautiful game [Guardian Unlimited]
  • New Les Savy Fav video - now with animated creatures and the best night out and worst morning out ever! [Pitchfork]
  • Early tip: I'll probably be talking a lot about 'Vantage Point' this year. The album, though, and not the thriller.
  • Did you see the new Louis Theroux this week? I thought it was pretty interesting, but he didn't get as under-the-skin of the prisoners as he usually does. But that's probably because he was paralytic with fear. [BBC News]
  • Sir Edmund Hillary, R.I.P. [Nat. Geographic]
  • This week's installment goes directly into the Hall of Fame for Whopper Freakouts, Hulk Hogan 180 and an in-depth discussion of the Wire. [The Best Show on WFMU Archives]
  • Jeremy Warmsley put on a TV show from his front room with the Mystery Jets and Laura Marling and of course it's great. [YouTube]
  • You'll never guess what happens halfway into this video:


Jim said...

Have you been kidnapped?

E.L.Splice said...

In the youtube video:

I think the guy looking on from the table is William Shatner.

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