Looks like your nose needs some Corrections

People always diss the Simpsons.

But tonight's episode featured Michael Chabon, Jonathan Franzen, Gore Vidal, Tom Wolfe and J.K. Simmons, and it made this jaded Literature major very happy. Good stuff.


redwineandconfucius said...

it makes me proud, or something, to say that i have read and enjoyed many of those.

im reading a book or 2 a week now..commuting does wonders for ones literary appetite..

have you read coin locker babies by murakami? or city of god by doctorow? or October Light by Gardner? ...I could go on...Ive probably read...40 books in these 3 months. anyway. i know this is a long response to a short entry. but..yeah.

im keeping track of you samir. i do need your address again though...

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