Blowing up my cranium

Also, the new Chemical Brothers single got its first play on the radio this week. Hooray! As a language nerd, I was disappointed when I heard that the forthcoming record will be called 'We Are the Night', which for the first time in their album titles, is not an imperative. Yes, I know, I need help.

Small mercy, then, that the first taster of it is called 'Do It Again' - an imperative. The song is alright - not quite as fantastic as the winter's 'Electronic Battle Weapon 8', which you can enjoy here - but it's not bad. The first half reminds me of 'Galvanize' - an angry voice repeating the title over and over, and then the refrain comes in. It features vocals from Ali Love about whom I know nothing, other than he's on a Myspace-sponsored tour, and his website has a free download called 'Vincent Brain'. It'll get'cha nodding, and that's what they do best.

[download The Chemical Brothers - Do It Again ft. Ali Love] (radio rip)
[download The Chemical Brothers - Electronic Battle Weapon 8]


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